Follow a Meal Planning System That Saves Time and Money! Stop Sabotaging Your Health with Last-Minute Bad Choices

Dear Mindful Eater, 

It’s 5 pm. Do you know what you’re making for dinner?  

Or is this another night that you’ll open the fridge and stare inside, your mind racing to create a recipe out of thin air — one that’s not going to destroy your commitment to eating healthy?  

Then...when you close the fridge and switch to the pantry — still no ideas.  

Exhausted from your busy day and cranky from hunger, you decide to run out and pick up a “healthy-ish” option at the drive-thru ...or a pre-made salad at the grocery store — just this once. 

Except it hasn’t been just once, and that thought causes you to beat yourself up with guilt. You feel like a failure and wonder why you can’t manage.  

All that mental negativity just makes you even crankier, and...  

...suddenly, that candy bar by the check-out line looks pretty appealing. As you glance down at the plastic-encased salad in your hand, the inner argument starts:  

“I shouldn’t have the sugar.”  

“It’s just a little bit; besides, it was a tough day and I deserve it.”  

“But I’ll feel bad about it later, and I’m already worried about the pounds I’ve put on.”  

Five minutes later, as you tear open the candy wrapper on the drive home, you promise yourself you’ll do better tomorrow... 

What If There Was a Simple Way to Bring Happiness to Your Healthy Eating Process?

That grocery store scenario, or one like it, is repeated millions of times every day by motivated people who describe themselves as healthy eaters.  

Like you, they understand the importance of promoting healing through good, clean food.  

But they sabotage their efforts in daily moments of weakness, brought on by a hectic schedule and lack of planning.  

Have you ever felt super pumped to buy all the organic veggies, with dreams of how you’ll use them at home to make delicious meals for yourself and your family….  

...only to lose that enthusiasm the next day. Then, two weeks later, you’re throwing out those expensive, rotting vegetables.  

So this vicious cycle is robbing you in more ways than one.  

The thing doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can stay on top of your healthy eating habits...


Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  In a way that saves your time

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  Protects your physical and mental health

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  Lowers your grocery bill

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  Prevents your contribution to food waste

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  And brings joy into your life

Isn’t that why you wanted to change your eating habits  in the first place?

You're in luck, because there's a simple solution that can make mealtime effortless, more cost-effective and actually fun!

I'm Alyssa Rimmer, the founder of Simply Quinoa. I’m a holistic nutritionist, passionate foodie, and believer in the power of self-care through healthy diet and smart lifestyle choices. It is my mission to help you enjoy nutritious and delicious food by showing you HOW to make healthy eating your lifestyle, like it’s second nature.

My story is probably very similar to yours. I yo-yo dieted for years, tried every diet out there...and finally developed some strategies that work.  

So it might come as a surprise to you that I still sometimes struggle when it comes to my eating habits.  

Truth is, I'm busy just like you and I don't always have the time to make something healthy and delicious.  


But I’ve found the number one key to success when it comes to staying on track with my eating, and I want to share it with you today. I call it my secret weapon.  


I'm running a business 60+ hours a week and balancing a busy home and social life.  

Sometimes it's just easier to reach for convenience foods. But I've also seen where that leads me...cravings for unhealthy foods, slow weight gain, and lack of motivation to be in my kitchen.

But I’ve found the number one key to success when it comes to staying on track with my eating, and I want to share it with you today. I call it my secret weapon.  

Take Back Control of Your Diet, End the 5 pm Meal Panic, and Restore Your Joy in Eating Healthy

I didn’t start out as someone who cared about eating clean and healthy.  

My body forced me to.  

When I was a young woman in college, I began to experience some worrisome physical and mental symptoms. I had severe stomach pain and digestive issues, and I felt like I was in a constant brain fog.  

So I began a journey of discovering how food affected my health, making it a priority.  

I ditched the processed foods and started eating only whole, natural foods. I was shocked when my physical symptoms cleared up within a few weeks. And my body started to lean up, as well — a nice side benefit! I decided to start sharing what I was learning.  

A community grew around my food blog, featuring nutrient-packed recipes and other tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Today, I have hundreds of thousands of followers who depend on me to share what I’ve learned about holistic nutrition through my Simply Quinoa blog and other programs.  

One of my programs came about when I realized so many people were having trouble sticking to their eating plan of choice.  

So I documented the system I’ve come to rely on week after week. After much struggling, failure and frustration, I had finally found a method that really works...and it’s so simple! I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible.  

And that’s how Simply Prepped was born. It’s my solution for daily eating success and also my secret weapon to looking younger and thinner and feeling great. 

Introducing Simply Prepped: Put Healthy Meals on Your Table Every Day, Quickly and Easily, Using My Proven Shortcuts and Easy, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

Real Reviews from the Simply Prepped community!

"I learned how to prepare my basics ahead of time so I could be ready with my dinner sooner. I really believe that advanced preparation is so important. It has also helped me to make better choices with my eating"

 "Most importantly, I felt better about myself. Less negative energy directed at myself meant less negative energy directed outward and I became a much more pleasant person to be around"

"It gave me the tools to continue moving forward in my quest for more energy, more creative meals and to losing weight and keeping it off. I highly recommend it."

Let Simply Prepped Show You How to Care for Yourself and Make Wiser Meal Choices From Now On

When you invest in Simply Prepped, you’ll get access to your guide and all the videos right away, unlike other plans that drip the info to you week over week.

The first thing you’ll see is your new Meal Prep Guide, with 64 pages packed full of:

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  PNGkey.comStep-by-Step instructions you can follow in order, making it a cinch to succeed  

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  PNGkey.comMy chart for batch cooking so you’ll always have ideas of how to speed up your time spent in the kitchen  

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  PNGkey.comOver 30 pre-made recipes for meals and delicious, flavor-boosting sauces, PLUS my formula to adapt recipes so you’ll have fresh menu ideas every week

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  PNGkey.com4 WEEKS meals planned out for you — with lots of variety — for easy reference as you order or shop for groceries. (I made this super simple for you so you don’t get overwhelmed or bored with eating the same meals every day)

Download Check Icon Vector - Check Svg PNG Image with No Background -  PNGkey.comPrintable pages you can jot notes on and keep in the kitchen for easy reference

And’ll see the 10+ cooking video tutorials I recorded so you can follow along with me through each step in your Meal Prep Guide — great for visual learners!

I know this system works, because I’ve used it myself for years, and I have tons of testimonials from happy students.  

But I’ve also seen when it doesn’t work so well. If you:  

  • Have a negative mindset and are skeptical you can make meals in advance, even with help  
  • Aren’t the rule-following type and want to try to figure it all out on your own  
  • Are content with spending extra money on prepared food and don’t really care about lowering grocery bills or reducing your food waste footprint...  

...then Simply Prepped might not be for you. Just being honest with you.

I only want to work with people who have the mindset and desire to level up their meal prep skills with my secret weapon, Simply Prepped! 




I'll show you how to prepare healthy and delicious meals, help you find ways to make this program fit easily into your life, and give you tools you need to make this a lasting and maintainable lifestyle.

  • A step-by-step guide to help you succeed
  • A comprehensive chart for batch cooking ingredients
  • Strategies to help get the most out of your time
  • Recipe formulas so you don't have to repeat recipes
  • Amazing dressing & sauce recipes to boost flavor and so much more! 



Would you like help getting started with 4 entire weeks of not worrying about what you will make for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Sounds pretty great, right?


  • You'll get 4 weeks of meal plans & meal prep guides...
  • and all the recipes are designed to save you time without too much repetition throughout the week

Your job? Relax, eat some amazing food and focus on YOU. 

  • Nutritionally balanced meals, each is packed with protein, carbs and healthy fats, and...they’re gluten free, too
  • Meals that will satisfy you, keep you feeling fueled and energized all day long
  • Whole food meals designed to help you glow from the inside out (no crazy juice cleanses...please!)

And when you order today, I’ll also give you:


 Not only will you get premium access and member discounts to all of my future programs, but you'll also get access to a list of awesome discounts from some of my favorite health-conscious companies.


Take advantage of:

  • Member-only pricing on future plans
  • Exclusive discounts to top natural food brands

There's NO RISK with our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

You can join Simply Prepped, including the 64-page guide, 10+ exclusive video lessons, 30+ healthy recipes, 4 weeks worth of meal plans, my ebook, PLUS exclusive members-only discounts..  

There’s absolutely no risk to join. Simply Prepped is backed by or 30-day money-back guarantee!  

Sign up for Simply Prepped today and if you’re not completely convinced that this program will show you how to save time, reduce stress and make healthy eating easier for you, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and we will refund your entire fee. 

Get started with Simply Prepped risk-free below!


Friend, when you started reading, maybe you didn’t even know you could have a program like Simply Prepped. You just knew you were struggling to eat healthy meals at home but felt helpless to do anything about it.  

Well, now that you know, the choice is up to you.  

If you think you’re ready, I’ll be honored and privileged to help you create the healthy lifestyle you desire by starting with the fundamental issue: Planning and prepping your meals ahead of time, so you’ll never have to worry about coming up with a healthy meal idea at 5 pm again.  

Breakfast, lunch or dinner..I’ve got you covered. Why not give it a try?  

Much love,  

Alyssa Rimmer

Founder, Simply Quinoa

Holistic Nutritionist 



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